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26 Jun

It feels  strange to be blogging anonymously, but I am inching my way back into this world and there’s a lot that I need to keep in the cone of silence right now. But it’s my writerly nature to overshare, so this seemed like the best alternative — for now. I will eventually add my name to this blog, but the pseudonym will allow me to write freely in the coming weeks.

See, I am a queer woman trying to conceive. Before my wife and I started this process a year ago, pregnancy blogs seemed so banal. I wondered why women with babies suddenly subsumed their identities, replacing their own profile photo with pictures of their smiling progeny. But now I kind of get it. It takes a lot of work to create a human from scratch!

Given that I am a loud mouthed dyke who works in politics, it’s hard for me to imagine that this blog won’t get political. As a married queer living in a large Canadian city in the midst of a right-wing political swing at the federal, provincial level — you can bet that I’ll have a few things to say.

But I have been rather inwardly focused lately. I am in the midst of my first cycle of IVF, after spending several months trying to conceive using frozen sperm. I just finished my MA and I have a demanding full-time job. Riding this wave has consumed most of my physical and emotional energy. I sincerely hope that our journey toward parenthood starts soon. Our egg retrieval / embryo transfer is scheduled for early July. Given the intensity of the IVF process (money! needles! hormones! more needles!), I hope this one sticks.

One Response to “Back to blogging”

  1. Hazel Cohen June 28, 2011 at 1:29 am #

    I’m glad you’re blogging again. I’ve missed your written voice.
    x o x
    fertile thoughts,
    Hazel Cohen

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