The bloat

26 Jun

I don’t know how much you know about IVF. It’s kind of a freaky process. It involves throwing my body into temporary menopause and then turbo charging my ovaries and blowing them up to the size of oranges. The goal is to get me to produce lots of eggs, so the doctor can then extract them with a giant needle (yes, through my vagina). Then the fancy lab staff will inject an individual sperm into an individual egg – the process is called ICSI, but it sounds a lot like CSI. Then the embryologists babysit the embryos for between three and five days.

Depending on how the little suckers are doing, we will have to decide whether to implant one or two embryos. If we have a number of embryos to put on ice and a top quality one to implant, we will only put one back in. We are not romanticizing the possibility of having twins. The chances of a high risk pregnancy, premature babies and the insanity of having two infants at once — none of this is lost on me. Still, I can see why some couples are more wiling to take the risk. This process is grueling — and expensive. For women who have gone through years of fertility treatments and heartbreak, it’s tempting to go for broke and hope for a 2 for 1 family. But I’m still relatively young and hoping we won’t have to take the same risk.

Which brings me to the bloating. Today is my fifth day on a drug called P.uregon. This is the daily injection that blows up my ovaries. I’m already starting to feel the bloat. I can basically expect to look pregnant before I actually get pregnant. And given that I am carrying around 15 pounds of post-grad school weight right now, this is not going to be a pretty picture. I am also banned from doing any exercise other than gentle walking right now (lest I twist an ovary). So I am trying to be okay with myself at the size I’m at. My stomach is bruised from multiple needle punctures. But the additional belly padding has helped numb the sting of all of those injections. This will all be worth it in the end. But I’m not loving the sore lower back from inactivity and the additional stomach roll. Hopefully that will soon transform into a firm and round pregnant belly. Fingers crossed.

One Response to “The bloat”

  1. The Tao of Pig Pen June 26, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

    Best of luck friend. It worked for us and I hope it works for you and your wife.

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