28 Jun

Wow. I forgot what it feels like to wake up sore for several days in a row. You see, before I developed a healthy gym and yoga habit, I spent 26 years as rather sedentary. I was always an artsy kid and my family wasn’t into sports, so each attempt to get active kind of fell flat. I didn’t have great habits and the thought of entering a gym was mildly psychologically triggering. Then I threw out my back when I was 25 years old. I actually managed to shift a disc while hoisting myself off of a massage table. I could barely walk for days. When I went to see a physiotherapist (a frighteningly muscular German ex-ballet dancer), I realized that I had little core strength and that it was time to get active. Back pain is as good a wake-up call as anything.

I joined the Y with a friend and quickly became accustomed and addicted to the endorphin rush and muscular development that a regular gym habit provided. I even stopped going to therapy. The physical release of exercising seems to re-wire my depression-prone brain. I also lost about 25 pounds. I did this while rarely getting on a scale, eating intuitively and maintaining a body positive attitude. I also noticed something rather astonishing: I was rarely sore or stiff. My back and neck problems went away. After I added yoga to the mix, I found that my anxiety symptoms virtually disappeared and my seasonal depression rarely returned.

Which brings me to now. A combination of a rather sedentary last grad school push, a wicked cold that knocked me off my feet for a week and the doctor-ordered ban on exercise has left me feeling stiff and sore all over again. You see my ovaries are in the process of being artificially inflated to the size of oranges. I have been told not to do anything other than walking, lest I jostle or twist one of my newly swollen organs. It’s a small price to pay, but it hasn’t been super fun to wake up hobbled in the morning. I have a massage booked for tonight, Hopefully this will help loosen things up.

And if you follow IVF lingo, here’s the update: 13 small follicles on one side, 16 on the other. It’s to early to measure their size, but I will be back at the clinic tomorrow for an ultrasound and more blood work. Looks like I am on target for an egg retrieval and embryo transfer in early July. So far my hormone levels are normal. My belly is full of puncture wounds as are my arms (from recent blood work). Again, it’s a small price to pay. I just hope I am not too emotionally invested in this first round of IVF. The statistics are in my favour, but anything could happen. Here’s hoping!

One Response to “Sore”

  1. dianerein July 20, 2015 at 7:15 am #

    Oh, I do hope it goes well!

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