2 Jul

I promise that this blog will get to the political stuff eventually, but right now it’s turned into a litany of complaints. My sincere apologies.

The most significant side effect of the IVF meds so far has been a gradual stiffening of the right side of my body, specifically my hip and lower back. Whether this is a product of the doctor-mandated inactivity, the medications or a general misalignment that could be corrected by an osteopath, I have been waking up feeling like an old lady all week. If this persists during pregnancy, I’ll have to check it out and consider getting a new mattress. My natural inclination is to sleep on my right side, so I wake up in that position no matter how I place myself when I fall asleep.

Maybe this is how my body is adjusting to the now expansive size of my ovaries. I think they are roughly the size of oranges now. In any case, they seems to be doing their job — going into overdrive so we can pull out lots of eggs on Tuesday.

I am still cautious and indecisive about whether to put in one or two embryos on transfer day. We just met a set of adorable 10-month old twins that live across the street from us. That couple seems to have survived, as did my aunt who didn’t find out she was having twins until the day of delivery (it was the 70s — she was living in the States and had no prenatal care — can you imagine?). I just don’t want to live through a high-risk pregnancy, a possible extended period in the NICU and the insanity of trying to care for two infants at once. That being said, my wife and I have an amazing support system, with two sets of grandparents who live close by and another set a few hours away. We are financially stable and own a home and a car (though the cost of child care could bankrupt anyone).

I also am concerned that if we have a singleton pregnancy on the first try and then go for a second, we could end up with twins on the second attempt. This happened to my lesbian cousins in California — in fact they ended up with twins on their third try, so they now have FOUR children under the age of six. My wife and I don’t have any ambitions beyond two children, so it would be nice to know that we were done if we did end up with twins.

Lots to ponder. We’ll make our final decision in consultation with our team of doctors. We really won’t know what our options are until we find out how many eggs they will  be able to retrieve, how many are mature, how many actually fertilize and how many last in the lab for long enough to be implanted or frozen. Three cheers for science!

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