22 Jul

I have been spotting on and off for the last couple of days, so I moved my beta to yesterday. I just got the results. Looks like it’s a chemical or ectopic pregnancy. HCG level was 41, but progesterone was only 15. They instructed me to stop all of my medications and go for more blood work on Monday. My cramps have gotten stronger, so I am assuming that I will get my period full-on over the weekend. Apparently there is a tiny chance that things could improve. We won’t know till Monday.

These strange results seem to confirm my strange symptoms — breasts swollen, indigestion and constipation at the same time as cramping and spotting.

In some ways, this result is somewhat encouraging to me. At least my body tried to get pregnant. I just did a pee test and saw two lines for the first time ever. This is not the result I wanted, but I guess it gives me a tiny shred of hope that this may work next time.

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