14.5 week musings

30 Dec

I swear I had a dozen blog posts in my head over the last two weeks, but I didn’t bother to sit down and pound them out. So consider this a digest of my pregnancy-related thoughts as of late …

  • Clothing: Maternity jeans are a dream. Why don’t we all wear pants like this all the time? Stretchy fabric in place of an actual waist band? Yes please. The rest of the shopping has been mostly depressing so far. I guess it should be no surprise that the maternity clothing industry functions like the rest of retail fashion: it’s designed for skinny people. Or at least women without hips. That being said, I managed to scavenge a few decent pieces. I also did well at a higher-end boutique that was having a Boxing Day sale. I got a couple of cute dresses that actually reflect my personal sense of style. I am going to have to accessorize the hell out of everything else.
  • Bump: My stomach still looks like two lumps, rather than a solid baby bump. I know this will take time. I just can’t wait for when I stop looking/feeling fat and actually start looking pregnant.
  • Energy: I’ve had a noticeable upswing in my energy in the last couple of weeks and was on a bit of a roll at the gym … till I got sick. Cait and I both have a lingering cold and it’s grounded me for the last four days. Ah well, at least I am off work. And even if I wasn’t sick, I probably would have spent the last few days lazing around anyway.
  • Sex drive: Still virtually non-existent. It’s been this way since we started the IVF in September. I would really like to start feeling like a sexual human being again (and before I get too huge to move and am totally sleep-deprived thanks to the brand-new tiny human ). I stocked up on some hot reading at the local feminist owned sex store. We’ll see if that helps.
  • Paranoia: Given that most of the first trimester symptoms have faded, I’m not really sporting a bump yet and I have yet to feel any fetal movement … it’s hard not to worry that something’s wrong. Looking forward to the 18-week midwife appointment and the 20-week ultrasound.
  • Sharing: Well, the cat’s pretty much out of the bag. If I know you in real life, you don’t have to keep this pregnancy as a closely-guarded secret. It feels good to be able to share the news with people. I think it will feel better in a month or so.

So that’s where I’m at. I wish I had politically charged feminist musings on future parenthood to share with you. Maybe after the shock of actually being pregnant starts to fade. It still amazes me every day.

2 Responses to “14.5 week musings”

  1. cathy January 3, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    i’m just starting to look more pregnant than overweight. aaaand maternity shopping. bleh. trying to keep in mind that these are a very short-term investment!

  2. Hazel Cohen January 6, 2012 at 6:22 am #

    I’d love to hear your (charged or feminist) musings on fatness and round-bumpness and how one is socially acceptable and the other is not.

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