Things are a-changing

4 Jun

Please indulge me while I return to the foibles of pregnancy for a moment. As of tomorrow, I will be 37 weeks pregnant — which means full term! In other words, this baby could be safely born any time now, but she would probably be quite tiny. She’ll put on roughly half a pound per week until 40-ish weeks. I say “ish” because the due date is never accurate and most first-time mothers are a little late. At this point, I am hoping for right on time or even a little early. Even though I have been blessed with an uncomplicated and “easy” pregnancy, I am utterly exhausted, plagued with indigestion and now quite short of breath. I am so glad that I had the option to take a month off before my due date. I was initially worried about being bored, but now I am so thankful that I am not being forced to engage my brain or spend any time in an office chair.

Most of the major nesting tasks have been taken care of — I just have a few more things to pick up, a hospital bag to pack and some cooking/baking to do for the freezer. I am also convinced that I need to radically re-organize my spice cupboard before the baby is born. It’s one of those “albatross” tasks that I’ve been meaning to do forever. Our pre-natal instructor joked about how it’s quite common for pregnant women to take on an obsessive organizational task before they are ready to deliver. I think this is the task for me and I hope to get the energy to finish it before the end of the weekend.

I’ve been somewhat weepy and reflective these last few days. My attention span and exhaustion level have prevented me from picking up a book (other than quick scans through various birth preparation books). I’ve been listening to CBC, staring out the window, reading the newspaper cover-to-cover and watching a fair bit of mindless TV. I’m getting used to the rhythms of being at home during the day, of not being driven by deadlines and work, of gaining satisfaction from small household tasks. I am listening to my body now and soon I will be guided by the small person who will join our household. I keep walking into our carefully organized and tidy rooms, imagining the delightful chaos that will one day fill them with tripping hazards, stray tiny socks and mashed up food. This time before birth has created a nice transitional period for Caitlyn and I, but it’s kind of like suspended animation. We know our lives are about to change, but we don’t know exactly when.

Here are some of Caitlyn’s observations about how her priorities are about to shift. But in the meantime, download her latest DJ mix, “Making Out for Lost Time.” Three hours of “dreamer beats” to fuel your next BBQ, kitchen dance party or session in a hammock.


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