Waiting it out

19 Mar

Once again, the long gap in posting is due to lack of sleep. Poor baby has had one cold after another since we returned from California and is now in the midst of hard-core teething. All of this has thrown sleep for a major loop again. While Daphne is doing quite well at soothing herself by rolling over, she has also been waking up in the middle of the night for 60-90 minute “crawling practice sessions.” She starts rocking on her hands and knees, backs herself up and gets stuck at the end of her crib and cries. We then have to rescue her and try to convince her to sleep again. Not easy. Generally speaking, I go “off the clock” at 9 pm and Caitlyn deals with any wake-ups till about midnight. On a good night, that usually means that I only need to tend to the baby once (around 3 or 4 am). If I can manage to get back to sleep without triggering two hours of insomnia, it means that I get the bare minimum number of hours of sleep that I need to feel like a functional human being. But one of two things has been happening lately. Either I am bolted awake by hair-raising screams at midnight, as Caitlyn tries to get Daphne back to sleep, or I am pulled out of bed repeatedly between 3 and 5 am, as the baby tries to master the skill of crawling forward.

Why must babies teach themselves new skills under the cover of night? Daphne has been scooting backwards for almost two months and seems relatively content to do so …. during the day. Apparently crawling is such an extreme sport, it needs to be rehearsed at four in the morning. To be honest, I am at a loss and convinced that we just need to wait this one out. If Daphne cries for more than a minute, it usually triggers a full-stomach vomit. I’ve become an expert at stripping the baby and the bed at ridiculous hours of night. She is still at an age where she needs to be “parented back to sleep” a few times per night. While sleep training works for some families, it’s just not the right fit for this kid. But when she wakes up with a smile like this on her face, all is forgotten:

Well, at least she appears well-rested

Well, at least she appears well-rested

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